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It's time! It's been time for a
Black Worker Bill of Rights.

 Take part in the campaign to win a Black Worker Bill of Rights.


We believe there’s nothing more unstoppable than when people come together. Join us to create a community that will support the advancement of a Black Worker Bill of Rights. For Black workers, all workers who are in solidarity with Black workers, worker leaders, advocates, unions, and our partners to engage with us around the bill of rights, share experiences, and build community!

In October 2021, representatives of national and state-based Black worker-focused organizations came together and formed the Black Worker Policy Coalition.  Together, we have been working to produce a Black worker-led national policy agenda that would improve job quality and advance racial and economic justice for Black workers: the Black Worker Bill of Rights.


Recent major happenings including the COVID-19 pandemic, protests against police brutality, rollbacks of voting rights legislation, and horrid immigration policies and practices highlighted for many that, while Black workers are essential workers that keep this society going, the fight to end racism and discrimination is ongoing! Too many Black workers are struggling to find quality jobs that guarantee the dignity that Dr. King spoke about – jobs that pay a family-supporting wage, offer gainful employment, and provide work benefits like health care and paid sick days. 


It is clear that Black workers need a Black Worker Bill of Rights that will protect our labor and rights and that of generations to come.  JOIN THE MOVEMENT to right the wrongs and ensure that Black workers across the country have dignity in work with safe, healthy, and equitable job conditions. 

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